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February 25 2019
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Oscar 2019 Short Films: What’s Next For This Year’s Big Winners

What Future Projects Await Our Short Film Oscar-Winners?



Despite not having a host, the Oscars went on rather swimmingly. The show clocked in at under 3 hours and was met with mostly positive reactions by the viewers at home. There were surely some surprises and disappointments, but the winners in the short film categories were much-deserved. Want to learn more about them and what they’re up to next? Check it out below.

Best Short Film Live Action — Skin, Dir. Guy Nattiv

The director-producer/husband-wife duo of “Skin” were truly elated to win the Oscar.


In one of the most spirited speeches of the night, director Guy Nattiv and producer Jaime Ray Newman inspired the audience and the world to embrace love and let go of hate, as reflected in the trauma of contemporary racial relations depicted in Skin. Nattiv says he saw this short film as an education tool and now with his upcoming feature film with the same name (starring Jamie Bell) this summer, we word continues to spread.

Before Oscar Night

As Nattiv said in his acceptance speech, he moved to the United States from Israel five years ago. While in Israel, Nattiv had already managed to find a sizable audience, directing several features that found festival momentum both in his home country and abroad. His career thus far has been a near-split between feature film productions and short film productions, a trajectory we expect to see more of as short films become more and more viable. The short films he made leading up to Skin had already caught plenty of attention,winning or being nominated for Palm Spring Shorts, Aspen ShortsFest and more.

However, it was in Skin (the short film and the feature) that Nattiv really found breakout success. He won the Audience Award at Clermont-Ferrand and eventually got picked up by Fox Searchlight, something that (almost)never happens to short films.

After Oscar Night

Time to celebrate! But also time to get to work. Nattiv still has a new feature (and thanks to the Oscar, a very high-profile one) to distribute throughout the world this year. A24, one of the leading niche distributors, has taken on the U.S. rights and looks to have a Summer 2019 release for the film. While he hope Nattiv still has interest in using his talents for short films, we also wouldn’t be surprised if he gets offers to take on even more ambitious projects.


Best Animated Short Film— Bao, Dir. Domee Shi

Domee Shi, director of Pixar’s “Bao”, gave us one of the best speeches of the night.


“Thank you for supporting shorts.” This was just one of the many gems director Domee Shi offered at her Oscar acceptance speech, alongside producer Becky Neiman-Cobb. If you’ve been following along at home, this short has been the frontrunner since the very beginning, but it never felt like an undeserving designation. This short has been touching hearts around the world ever since it premiered before Incredibles 2. So, if you haven’t seen it already…get on it!

Before Oscar Night

Despite being one of those “nerdy girls” who “hid behind their sketchbooks”, Domee Shi has found great success as an animator at the highest level of filmmaking. In particular she has been a Disney-Pixar animator for several years now, working in the animation department for Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur and Incredibles 2. Bao was an excellent example of Asian-American stories finally getting a voice in mainstream animated cinema (and a voice actually created from Asian-American filmmakers).

After Oscar Night

Domee Shi has already been offered the director’s chair for a future (still untitled) Pixar feature film. This was already in the works long before the Oscar announcements, but we are so thrilled to see her originality and sense of good storytelling get added to the pantheon of great Pixar films.


Best Short Documentary —Period. End of Sentence, Dir. Rayka Zehtabchi


“Period. End of Sentence.” proves that Netflix acquisitions can be embraced by the Academy.


In another happy surprise win, a short documentary about the stigmas around menstruation in rural India, and a movement to educate, took the Oscar. You probably couldn’t have found a happier crowd of winners that night. This film is all about sharing the joy of knowledge about an important issue, and we hope this helps put it more on the map. While Netflix already received key wins for RomaPeriod. End of Sentence. proved that the streaming giant can compete in the short form categories.

Before Oscar Night

Rayka is an Iranian-American filmmaker who has made four short films. Period. End of Sentence. was actually her first short documentary, with the other three narrative shorts placing at festivals like Cleveland International and HollyShorts. Leading up to the Oscars, Period. End of Sentence. has been taking the festival circuit by storm, winning at nearly every festival in which it was nominated.

After Oscar Night

Rayka has not made any announcements about future projects just yet. Now with an Oscar in her resume, not only will people know her name, but she will have a much bigger platform to take her future ideas. Whether she wants to keep making narrative shorts or continue on the documentary route, we hope she gets to make whatever she wants.

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