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November 12 2018
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5 Ways Miniflix Can Fill That Filmstruck Void In Your Life…

Great reasons why Miniflix could become your new favorite Filmstruck alternative.



It’s sad news all around the streaming service world (and for classic film buffs…which, shouldn’t everyone be?) when Filmstruck announced they would be ceasing operations by the end of November. Even with 50,000 signatures and counting on the petition to keep it alive, it looks like TCM + Criterion’s dream collaboration will be coming to an end much sooner than anyone expected.

That leaves you with a number of streaming alternatives to try and fill some of the gaping holes left by the film site behemoth. While none of the Filmstruck alternatives can be a full-on replacement for the kinds of films and experiences they offered, we’ve got 5 good reasons why Miniflix could become your new favorite.


Plenty of Oscar Movies

One of the largest appeals of Filmstruck came in its curation and care for Hollywood history — showing many of the greatest hits from the 1930s on; it was a real primer on Hollywood history. Well, you can’t say Hollywood history without including the Oscars, and so much of the great legacy of Turner Classic Movies (Filmstruck’s parent channel) has revolved around bringing up all those Oscar history nuggets surrounding the award-winning films, no matter how big or small.

At Miniflix, we’re exclusively short films, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring some Oscar pedigree to the table. Several of the last decade’s Oscar-nominated or Oscar-winning shorts (animated and live action) are here. 2015’s winner The Phone Call is here. So is 2016’s Oscar-winning short, Stutterer. And we’re one of the few places you can find this year’s most talked about short (and Oscar-winner), The Silent Child.

Many more Oscar-nominated shorts are on the site as well…so if short films are of the last categories on your Oscar bucket list (we know you’ve got one), then there’s no better place to devote some time.


Criterion-Level Talent

Criterion Collection (one of Filmstruck’s key partners) is known for only re-releasing the best in cinema. Whether it’s modern, classic, foreign, art house or something in between, they’ll showcase the biggest names.

It often surprises people just how many A-list cast and crew members do short film projects in addition to the features that made them famous. For example, Wong Kar-wai’s go-to cinematographer for his most internationally renowned films, Christopher Doyle (who shot the Criterion-approved In The Mood For Love), also acted as DP for several shorts, including A Good Story (part of the Miniflix library).

Matthew Modine, famous actor from such films as Full Metal Jacket by Stanley Kubrick (a director with a large presence on Criterion), and such hit shows as Stranger Things, has directed many short films. His most acclaimed short comedy, Super Sex, is just one of the many short films with long laughs that can be had on Miniflix.


Focus On The Little-Seen

The reason everyone from Barbara Streisand to Bill Hader to Guillermo del Toro has been mourning the death of Filmstruck is that it made a great effort to give you two obscure or lesser-known films for every classic like Casablanca or Citizen Kane.

Not many streaming services these days are willing to broadcast a collection of movies not already making a quick billion at the box office. But at Miniflix, the whole mission is to promote short films — a genre often dismissed or relegated to behind the feature.

Because of this, we like to think of every film in our catalog as an under-seen gem. Every short film out there in the world deserves to be seen more times than it has. Whether it be Animation, Comedy, Horror, Drama or a different genre entirely, we believe the deepest and broadest short film catalog will always be about promoting the “little” guy in the film industry.


A Window Into (Short) Film History

Remember what we just mentioned about Filmstruck’s sense of history? Well, there’s no replacing the might and depth of feature film history offered there. But what about short films? That’s why we’re here. Our library includes Oscar-winners from last year, last decade or last century. Many of the films in our library also deal with key historical moments in time; entertaining + educational never felt so cinematic.


Taking Chances


Filmstruck was first and foremost a hub for true film lovers. They were willing to take chances with their library and their supplemental content that’s hard to find almost anywhere on the internet…

…well, we’re here too! And we too, are film lovers first (particularly of the short variety). That’s why we don’t just offer you Oscar-winners from last year, last decade or last century; we have quirky comedies, absurdist & experimental cartoons like Man In A Cat, real atmospheric pieces, film selections from all the around the world, and so much more.

And when you’re done watching your favorites, you can read deep-dive analyses, see how they were made and catch weekly interviews with the best short filmmakers from around the world.

Although it’s disheartening to see Filmstruck go, know that we’re right here….now let’s watch some shorts!

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